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Sometimes we think base coat is not an important step during manicure but that’s where we get it all wrong. Base coat acts as a protective layer between your nails and your nail polish.


Below are four reasons why you should use base coat on your nails every time you do your manicure.

 1.Using base coat on your nails while doing your manicure will help your nail polish application go smoothly and effortlessly.

2.Base coat protects your nail bed from     discoloration.

3. Base coat keeps nail polish on your nails from peeling while improving wearability.

4 Base coat acts as a primer for your nails & enhance  growth. It protects your nails from breakage depending on the kind of base coat treatment you are using.


There are different types of base coat, look for the type that suit your nail. If you must omit base coat, make sure to avoid dark color nail polish because over time they can end up causing discoloration on your nails. Your best bet will be to apply nude, sheer or pastel color polish if you don’t want to use base coat.





 If you have any issue with stains on your nails, you can check out our IGTV, we have one or two home Remedy videos on how to remove discoloration from your nail bed.

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