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  1. Finger nails requires blood and nutrients to survive.
  2. Our Toenails grow slower than our fingernails . The growing rate per month is about 1.6mm and fingernails about 3.5mm. All the nails don’t grow at the same rapidity. The middle finger grows faster than the rest of the nails while the thumb nail grows at a slow pace. It takes 3-6months to replace a fingernail and 12-18 months for a toenail to grow back.
  3. Matrix is a part of the nails that is hidden underneath the cuticle. It produces the cells that turns into our nail plate. Matrix is a living part of the nails which has blood, vessels , lymph’s and nerves.
  4. The nail bed is a layer of the skin beneath  the nail plate (corpus unguis).  It is made up of two layers of tissues called epidermis and dermis.
  5. Nail sinus is where the nail root is located and it grows just below the matrix.
  6. We should leave cutting of the cuticle to highly professionals like nail techs to handle because if you remove the cuticle wrongly, you can accidentally hurt the eponychium which in turn can lead to an infection 
  7.  Except when women are, men fingernails grow faster compare to that of women. 
  8. Our nails are made up of protective protein called keratin. This protein also makes up for our hair.




If you like to know more read about nail anatomy.

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