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  1. Apply coconut or almond oil on your nails and cuticles once a week or twice to strengthen and restore them from breaking/splitting.
  2. When doing house chores or even gardening, ensure to wear gloves and apply hand cream on your hands before slipping on your gloves.
  3. Always use your hand cream after washing your hands or often as possible. Keep your nails well moisturized.
  4. Allow your natural nails breath from time to time without polish on.



  1. Don’t use your hands to open items,use tools to complete tasks. Remember to treat your nails like jewel not tools.
  2. Don’t pull of hanging nails, instead clip it off.
  3. Don’t peel off your nail polish, it makes your nails look carelessly groomed. Preferably use nail polish remover.
  4. Don’t ignore your nails, if you notice any changes have it checked by a dermatologist. Keep your nails clean to avoid infection.

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