JNJ Glam

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JNJ GLAM nail wrap is a quick manicure when you don’t have the time to go to the nail studio. You can do it all by your self at home. With our nail wrap, you don’t need to wait around for you polish to dry. It is very handy. 

This nail wrap is a saving grace when you are going for a wedding, dinner, date night, event and you have no time to go to the nail studio


When you apply one of our nail wrap, you will enjoy a beautiful manicure for up to 5 days.




* Non - toxic

* Easy to apply at home

*durable for at least 5 to 7 days without chipping, peeling or fading when applied properly 

*Safe for kids and pregnant women




1.   Buff nail surface


  1. Clean nail with a bit of alcohol and dry


  1. Select nail size that fits your natural nail


  4. Peel nail wrap from backing paper.


  1. Apply nail wrap and press the sticker firmly (leaving 0.5mm) space. gently stretching for a perfect fit,To realign. Smoothing it out until it’s free of any bubbles and ridges. 


  1. File your nail one way downwards at 45 degree angle slightly to remove excess material from wrap to keep it smooth


  1. YOU can apply top coat on it if you like


  1. Finish





Dip your nails into warm water for 8minutes, remove nail wrap and wash your hands with soap





Your nail wrap is will last longer with top coat on it

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