JNJ Reversible leather belt

Accessories by JNJ Glam

  • $54.00


JNJ GLAM belt is a High-quality reversible leather belt with a logo buckle of 40mm for men and women. Our belt comes in One Reverse for 2 Colors, which means you buy one belt but get two with removable stainless steel Buckle, elegantly designed for durability.

JNJ GLAM reversible belt is very easy to reverse from one side to another, changing from black to brown and convenient when traveling. It is also suitable for every occasion.



In case the size you pick is too big, you can easily remove the buckle and just trim the strap length to fit your size.


Enclosed is a lovely gift box


Length for each sizes : 100 cm for size 85

 110 cm for size 95

 120 cm for size 105



    Made in Spain