Magnetic Stainless Steel Cool Zelda Men's Health Bracelets 8.6


  • $20.98

Tipo Mettalico:Acciaio inossidabile




*We choose stainless Steel instead of brass or alloy. because it's highly resisted to rust, corrosion and tarnishing. durability and Fashionable. All makes it a top fashion accessory.


*We choose vacuum ion plated instead of water plated.        the color last longer than any other plated jewelry.    


*Perfect Healthy gift for father,husband,men,      Boyfriend, office and anniversary    


*Comes with grey Velvet bag,Great for Gift giving.     


The main function of health care bracelet/necklace:

-Accelerate blood circulation, increase body temperature, reduce fatigue;

-Adsorption of toxic substances and heavy metals. Can help toxins;

-Adjust blood pressure,improve arthralgia,promote metabolism.

Fits you if you are in the following cases:

-Use computer, cell phone or other electronic devices frequently;

-Lack of exercise;

-Have work pressure or stressful life;

-In tense nerves, poor blood circulation, or shoulder and neck pains;

-Weakly resistant to illnesses and catch colds easily.


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