Portable Coffee Machine

JnJ Glam Ltd

  • $28.50

If you cannot live without coffee, this is what you were looking for.

Makes pretty good espresso in a relatively short time when "feeded" with ground coffee and hot water. 

Thanks to the portable design, it is simple and fast to use, allowing you to carry it with you and to make your espresso anywhere, anytime.

Put a spoon of ground coffee in the container, squeeze the ground coffee with a spoon.
Put it in the cup, close the lid, 90 degrees water at the bottom of the container.
Tighten the lid, press several times, drip coffee slowly.
According to personal preference,
Press 13 times (medium purity coffee)
Press 18 times (Italian espresso)
Press 28 times (double Italian espresso)


  • Name: Mini Portable Manual Coffee Machine
  • Product Size: 19.6 x 5.8 x 5.5cm/7.71 x 2.28 x 2.16in
  • Whether electric or not: no
  • Material: food grade plastic
  • Amount of powder: 7g
  • Water capacity: 70ml

Package includes: 
1 x Manual Coffee Maker

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