Wireless hair straightener

JnJ Glam Ltd

  • $18.50

Give your hair the perfect look, everyday in no time.

The wireless hair straightener is a beauty tool that heat fast with low power concumtpion. Thanks to the display you will always be able to check the temperature.

Being without wires you will have total control and freedom to use it. The ergonomic and the dimension makes it easy to carry, easy to use, so that you can bring it with you on a trip, at home, or in office. Us it on dry hair.



  • Mainmaterial:aluminum alloy
  • thermal conductor material:Ceramic Alloy heater
  • voltage:110-240V
  • frequency:50-60 Hz
  • power:24 W
  • weight:152g 
  • plate length:90*42mm
  • product lenth:270cm
  • temperature:3 grade 130 ℃ 150℃ 180℃
  • Battery: 5V lithium battery as mobile power,constantly 2200mA lithium batteries
  • working time: functioning for 20-25 minute,safe and convenience using  ​
  • charging time: It takes two hours to fully charge 
  • Titanium plate plate length:8.3*1.7 cm 

USB Cable

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